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Welcome to a world of motivation and enrichment. Welcome to "Success In You", an academy of learning and self-exploration. We not only aim to provide dexterity in leadership to people, Rather We trained them for the corporate world, We make them a leader and also to make them prudent in all aspects of communication and personality development. We don’t believe in just imparting knowledge, we believe in fostering a culture and environment, which motivates self-exploration and improvement. We provide an idea pad and a sky for imagination to the students, so they are equipped with the right frame of mind, the required skills and the confidence to carve a niche’ career for themselves and live their lives to the fullest.

Make Your Life Complete through "Success In You".

More about our services. Unlock the Potential & design your mind. Make new patterns of innovation. Fill the gaps ( what you are - gape – what you want to be). Continuous up-gradation, giving more than 100%. Make your life easy. Our Duties and Responsibilities. Our responsibility in helping individuals. Inspirational talks or speeches is our main duty. we are employed to speak on a variety of subjects that suit our audiences. Prince Verma and Associates, SIY is proud to offer you the following services: Executive Coaching, Athletic Development, Education Consulting, Life Coaching.

  • A complete corporate training program

  • Life Management Training

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A talented author and motivational speaker. PRINCE VERMA graduated from IHM Hyderabad. He teaches the importance of determination and never giving up. And quitting is not in his vocabulary. He believes nothing is impossible. He went so many places & colleges in India to addressed people. The best thing about him is his life-changing seminar. Prince Verma will inspire your organization to not only think outside the box… But SMASH it! “Game Changing” ideas, unplanned collaborations, creative plans, and cultures of innovation lie outside the box… Are you ready to take thinking outside the box to the next level? PRINCE VERMA is simply one of best powerful, inspiring motivational speaker in India. Apart from he has written a book. About his book- His book title is “SUCCESS IN YOU “. In his book he had talked about dreams, problems, passion, sacrifice, never give up, and be a winner. Apart from he had talked about distractions in success. PRINCE VERMA speeches focus on the importance of having a strong belief in yourself.

Make a difference and Partner with us today. You are personally invited today to become a Champion of Hope partner with this ministry. Your financial partnership makes it possible for us to share unconditional love and unending hope around the world through our live events, online resources, medical and missions outreaches and more. Without YOU, this would not be possible. Our desire is to continue sharing hope with millions in new ways and in new places. We are so excited about all the wonderful things that success in you has a lot to accomplish our dreams.

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